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Internal tools development platform

Scaled manufacturing process platform for biotech

AI investment management platform for financial advisors

AI background screening solution for recruiters and businesses

Reverse ETL platform

ML ops deployment platform

Financial OS for microbusinesses

E-commerce workflow automation

Business planning platform

End-to-end computer vision platform

Open-source CLI and dashboard for streaming code reviews

ML labelling platform

SFR investment platform

Consumer investing platform

Science visualisation platform for pharmaceutical and life sciences


Next generation feature flagging

Smart coffee subscription-as-a-service

Pay-Now-Buy-Later platform

Micromobility data platform

In-app user engagement platform

Next-generation software for insurance agents

Work management (reports) platform

Next-generation payments network

Zero-effort JavaScript bug capture

Mobile ticketing application

Customer support-as-a-service

Source of truth for internal workforce information

Flexible analytics and reporting platform for software teams

Direct mail platform

Mortgage workflow automation platform

Audience engagement platform

Chat & activities feed API

SaaS solution to reduce product returns

Carbon dioxide recycling

Insurance carrier platform for home insurance advisors

Work management platform for auditors and accountants

Financial institution for conscious consumption

$170M seed/series A follow-on investment fund that invests in top Techstars Accelerator companies.